Media Development Foundation, MDF was established by professional journalists in April 2008.

Organization’s main activities are focused on: protection of freedom of speech and expression; establishment of ethical journalism and improvement of professional standards; support of media diversity; promotion of gender equality; institutionalization of self-regulation and empowerment of media consumers; improvement of media education; support of youth initiatives; awareness raising among society about media issues.

One of main areas of organization’s activity is the promotion of gender equality and enhancement of the role of media as a mediator in achieving gender equality. To this end, a web portal Gendermediatori have been created, which reflects activities implemented by the MDF in this area.

The MDF is engaged in research and educational activities on gender equality issues. It advocates for women’s rights in media self-regulatory bodies; conducts trainings, meetings, public discussions, competitions. The MDF prepares educational and professional publications, conducts educational campaigns and mobilizes the youth for the implementation of civic or educational activities.