Women from the past

Mariam Jambakur – Orbeliani – Public figure

1852 – 1941

Mariam Jambakur – Orbeliani was raised in the family of poet Vakhtang Orbeliania and Ekaterina Ilianskaya.

She was a founder and member of the Society for Spreading literacy Among Georgians; a member of the board of women teachers and a member of musical school committee.

In 1906, Mariam Jambakur – Orbeliani opened the first Georgian school in Georgia with monetary means collected by her. She was the founder of the Association for Attending Tbilisi Children. Mariam Jambakur – Orbeliani assisted children’s magazines, Jejili and Nakaduli; actively fought for the establishment of Tbilisi State University. In 1918, she was elected as a member of the supporting association established at the university.


“The city council considered the motion of the chair of society supporting relations of women teachers, Countess M. V. Jambakur-Orbeliani, regarding the monetary contribution by the council to the construction of a shelter for elderly and diseased women teachers. The city council upheld this motion and allocated 1,000 rubles for the construction of this building.”

Iveria, issue #267; 9 December 1900


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